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Customise your Oak Bed Frame

We understand that every bedroom is unique and that sometimes, a standard bed size just won't cut it. That's why we offer a range of custom options to help you create the perfect bed for your space. Our custom options include custom height, width, and length, so you can create a bed that fits perfectly into your room. We also offer reinforced bed frames for those who require extra support, as well as space-saving beds for those who need to maximize their floor space. If you need a solution for a guest room or a rental property, we also offer zip and link beds, which can be easily split into two separate beds if needed. At The Oak Bed Workshop, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality, made-to-order beds that meet their unique needs and specifications.

Customise the HEIGHT of my bed frame

Customising the height of a bed frame can offer several advantages to the customer. Firstly, it allows for a better fit with the overall design of the room. If the room has high ceilings or low furniture, a custom-height bed frame can help balance the overall look of the space. Secondly, customising the height of a bed frame can also provide practical benefits. For example, if the customer has mobility issues, a higher bed can make it easier for them to get in and out of bed. Similarly, a lower bed frame can be helpful for children or pets who may have difficulty climbing up onto a higher bed.

Additionally, Customising the height of a bed frame can also allow for underbed storage options. If a customer is looking to maximize the storage space in their bedroom, choosing a bed frame with additional height can provide ample space to store items underneath the bed Overall, customising the height of a bed frame offers a range of benefits for the customer, from improving the overall look of the room to providing practical advantages for individuals with specific needs. By offering this option, The Oak Bed Workshop can provide a personalised, tailored experience that meets the unique needs and preferences of each customer.

Customise the LENGTH of my bed frame

Having the option to customise the length of a bed frame is essential for those who need a bed that doesn't fit standard sizes. For instance, taller individuals may require extra legroom to ensure comfort and better sleep quality. Similarly, people with limited bedroom space may need a shorter bed frame than usual. For hotels or guest houses, increasing the length of zip and link beds can be particularly beneficial. Typically, zip and link beds are 2000mm (6ft 6”) rather than 1900mm (6ft 3”)

In some countries like Germany and Scandinavia, extra-long beds measuring 210cm (6'7") or 220cm (6'11") are readily available, but this may not be the case everywhere. Sleeping on a bed that is too short can cause discomfort and lead to aches and pains in the neck, back, and legs. By customizing the length of a bed frame, individuals can have a bed that caters to their specific needs, providing them with a restful and comfortable night's sleep.

Customise the WIDTH of my bed frame

**Accommodation of Specific Mattress Sizes: **

Modifying the width of a bed frame can help accommodate specific mattress sizes, which may not be available in standard bed frame sizes in the UK. For instance, some individuals may prefer a wider mattress than usual for comfort reasons or may have a non-standard size mattress, which they want to fit into their bed frame. This is particularly useful for individuals who have mattresses from different parts of the world, which may have unique dimensions. For example, European mattresses tend to be longer and narrower than American mattresses, while Asian mattresses may have different length and width dimensions altogether. Customizing the bed frame width can help accommodate these specific requirements and ensure that you have the right fit for your mattress, regardless of where it's from.

**Enhancing Aesthetics: **

A custom-sized bed frame can be designed to fit seamlessly into your bedroom décor. Whether you want to create a statement piece or have a unique design idea in mind, customizing the bed frame width can help you achieve the look you desire.

**Maximizing Space: **

In some cases, a standard bed frame width may not fit a specific room size, making customization necessary. Tailoring the width of the bed frame can help maximize the space in your bedroom, ensuring that you have enough room for other furniture pieces and free movement.

**Accommodation of Unique Room Structures: **

If you have a specific recess or alcove in your bedroom, a standard bed frame may not fit the space correctly. By customising the width of the bed frame, you can ensure that it fits seamlessly into the space, making the most of the unique room structure. This can be particularly useful in older homes, where rooms may have unusual or non-standard shapes, and standard bed frame sizes may not be suitable. Customizing the bed frame width can help you create a comfortable and practical sleeping space that works with your room's unique features.

Barge Boats

It can be particularly useful for non-standard spaces like barge boats. Barge boats often have unique and irregularly shaped bedrooms, which can make finding the right bed size a challenge. By customising the width of the bed frame, you can create a sleeping space that fits perfectly into the available space, providing you with a comfortable and restful night's sleep. This can help to make your barge boat feel more like home and ensure that you have the space you need to relax and unwind after a long day.

Reinforce my Bed Frame

We understand the importance of a sturdy and reliable bed frame for a good night's sleep. That's why we utilise cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to reinforce our bed frames, providing a range of benefits for our customers. Whether you have a heavier mattress, move around a lot in your sleep, or want to increase the weight capacity of your bed frame, our reinforced frames can provide the stability and durability you need. We'll explore the advantages of reinforcing a bed frame and how our manufacturing techniques make it possible to create high-quality, long-lasting bed frames that meet the unique needs of our customers.

We take a personalised approach to reinforcing bed frames based on the specific needs and concerns of our customers. We recognise that not everyone requires the most advanced and complex techniques to create a more durable bed frame. Depending on your concerns, we can use simple but effective techniques, such as thicker and stronger slats, additional support legs, Cross Rails rather than a central rail and Deeper Bed Rails. However, if you have more unique concerns, we can employ advanced techniques that utilize different materials or structural designs to create a bed frame that meets your specific requirements. Our goal is to create a bed frame that provides maximum support and durability.

Improved Durability: Over time, bed frames can become worn out and damaged, especially if they are subjected to a lot of weight or movement. Reinforcing a bed frame can help to increase its durability and prolong its lifespan. This is particularly important if you have a heavy mattress or if you frequently move around in your sleep, as this can put a lot of stress on the bed frame.

Enhanced Stability: A reinforced bed frame can provide enhanced stability, reducing the risk of wobbling or squeaking during use. This can help to create a more comfortable sleeping environment and reduce disturbances during the night.

Increased Weight Capacity: By reinforcing the bed frame, you can increase its weight capacity, allowing it to support heavier mattresses and Sleepers. This is particularly useful if you have a larger or heavier mattress.

Cost-Effective Solution: Reinforcing a bed frame can be a cost-effective solution to extend the life of your bed. It is often much cheaper than buying a new bed frame, and can help to prevent the need for expensive repairs or replacements down the line.

I require a Space Saving Bed

Maximizes floor space: With a space saving bed, you can optimize the available space in your room. The bed is designed to take up less floor space while still providing a comfortable sleeping area.

Great for small rooms: If you have a small bedroom or living space, a space saving bed is a great option. It allows you to make the most of your limited space, while still providing a comfortable and stylish place to sleep.

Storage options: We offer a range of space saving bed frames that allow for increased under-bed storage space. One option is to increase the leg height of your bed frame, which creates a larger space under the bed to store items. Another option is our Ottoman Lift Up Bed Base with Bed Hinges and Gas Struts, which allows you to lift-up the entire mattress and frame to access a large storage space underneath the bed. This can be a great solution if you have limited closet or storage space in your room.

Additionally, we offer the option to rebate the back legs of your bed frame where the skirting board is located. This allows the bed frame to fit flush against the wall, creating even more space in you room.

Zip and Link Beds

We offer customizations for our oak bed frames to accommodate zip and link mattresses, providing versatility and allowing you to separate or push together the beds as needed. This makes it an ideal solution for guest rooms, bed and breakfasts, and hotels.

We ensure that the length of the bed frame is increased to match the length of the zip and link mattress. Standard small single and single beds are usually shorter, measuring 1900mm (6ft 3"). Typically, zip and link mattresses are 2000mm (6ft 6"), so we increase the length of the bed frame accordingly. Additionally, we ensure that the overall size of the bed frame matches the size of the mattress when pushed together, creating a seamless look and comfortable sleeping experience.

To further ensure a comfortable sleeping experience, we make sure that the slats of the bed frame are flush with the top of the side rails, so there is no ridge in the middle. This eliminates any discomfort or unevenness that can occur when using two separate beds pushed together. Our customizations are designed to provide a seamless, comfortable, and high-quality sleeping experience.

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