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Your Comprehensive Checklist for Zip and Link Beds

Zip and link beds are designed as two individual beds that can be connected to create a larger bed. When joined, two single beds can form a Super-King size bed, while two small singles can be transformed into a King-size bed.

Zip and link beds are commonly used in guest rooms and in hospitality settings, such as hotels, bed and breakfasts, and holiday homes, where versatility in bedding arrangements is required.

There are many advantages of purchasing a zip and link bed.

Zip and link beds can be configured as two separate individual beds or combined into one larger bed.

Zip and Link beds and Mattresses can be customised to a Sleepers Individual Preference. One sleepers may prefer a Firmer Sleep Surface while their partner prefers a Softer Surface.

Motion Transfer
Zip and Link bed frame and Mattresses will help minimise motion transfer between Sleepers

Zip and Link beds and mattress can generally be to maneuver through narrow hallways or staircases

It's important to note that a regular single bed frame may not be suitable for use with a zip and link mattress. The bed frame needs to be specifically designed to accommodate a zip and link Mattress.


See check list below

Overall Size Considerations:

To ensure proper compatibility and functionality, it's essential to choose a bed frame that matches the size of the mattress.

When choosing a bed frame for a zip and link bed, it's crucial to ensure that the overall size of the bed frame matches the size of the mattress. The bed frame should not overhang the mattress, as this can cause issues when the beds are pushed together to form a larger bed. Any overhang of the bed frame will double in size when the beds are joined, leading to misalignment and discomfort.

To avoid such issues, it's important to select a bed frame that is precisely sized to match the dimensions of the mattress. This ensures that when the beds are joined together, the frame aligns properly, allowing for a seamless and comfortable sleep surface.

The bed slats should be at the same level as the bed rails, with the mattress primarily supported by the bed slats but also resting on the bed structure. Improper alignment can result in discomfort during sleep, including rigid bumps in the middle of the beds.

Length Considerations

When converting two 2ft 6 Small Single beds into a UK King size bed or two 3ft Single beds into a UK Super King size bed using a zip and link set up, it's important to note that the length of the mattresses may differ. Typically, Single and Small Single mattresses are 6ft 3 (1900mm) in length, while UK King size and Super-King size mattresses are 6ft 6 (2000mm) in length.

To ensure proper compatibility, it's crucial to ensure that both the bed frame and mattresses are of the same length, whether you prefer a 6ft 3 or 6ft 6 setup.

Bed Linking System

A Bed Linking System is crucial to connect the bed frames together when using a zip and link bed as a larger bed, preventing them from moving apart and ensuring a stable and secure sleeping surface.

Different Bed Setup Options

Option 01

Option 02

Option 03
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